Test Results

We send most all results to your Patient Portal! We hope you find this to be an excellent resource for you and an efficient way to receive communications and results from our office.

We receive results of most tests within 5 – 7 days. Please allow this time for us to receive and review your results. Your doctor will generally send you a “letter” to the Patient Portal to notify you of your results once reviewed. (You’ll get an email to let you know that you have a message in your Patient Portal.) If your results are “abnormal”, you will be contacted and may be asked to make an appointment. Please do not be alarmed; this means that the doctor wants to speak with you for clarification or for educational reasons. If you are not active on the Portal, we will mail a note or call you as required.

However, if you have a visit coming up or are due for a visit, we will expect to review results with you at that time.

If you have had a test and have not heard from us within 2 weeks, please let the office know that you are waiting on your results.